Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 1

Today was the first day of triathlon training!  Hooray!  It feels really good to be back on a training plan.  I followed a training plan diligently for my first triathlon and it went really well.  For my second one, I was not prepared and for my third, a month later, I was doing better, but I wasn't where I wanted to be.  So this season I'm back to a training plan. 

I'm following THIS plan from (where I found my first training plan).  My new plan is for intermediate triathletes.  The mileages are higher than the beginner plan and it requires more time.  The biggest challenge is that many of the workouts involve and AM workout and a PM workout.  Take today, for example.  I was supposed to get 1000 yards in a the pool in the morning and then 30 minutes on the bike in the evening.  I needed to be in at school by 9 AM so the morning workout wasn't going to happen.  So I got my booty over to the gym when I got at of class, hit the bike, and then hit the pool.

Now I must confess.  I haven't swum laps since my last triathlon back in June.  Wow.  That's embarrassing.  It went better than I thought, but it was tough.  But it felt great to be back to something familiar.  And a women complemented my on how pretty I swim when I got out.  I was flattered because she's a swimmer too.    So, Day 1 down.  Only 12 more weeks until the first race.  :-)


  1. I do so much better with a plan too. Without I just flounder around. I just started my 1/2 Ironman training this week and was a little unnerved by the amount of time at the beginning of this 20 week plan!

  2. Something about starting a new plan is just so exciting! Good luck!

  3. wow...GOOD LUCK! sounds like its off to a great start!

    thanks for your running advice on my blog :) it is MUCh appreciated!

  4. I don't think I could handle morning and afternoon work outs- if I get up in the morning early, I want to be done for the day.

    Glad to hear the laps didn't go terrible though :)