Thursday, March 17, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1.  I guess I shouldn't avoid the obvious - Happy St. Patrick's Day!  My husband, Patrick, keeps saying that it's his holiday.  I usually don't get too festive, but I did put green food coloring in his milk and I donned a cute green dress in honor of the warmer weather.

2.  Speaking of the warmer weather, I got out for a three mile jaunt this morning.  I am so much more motivated when the sun is shining.  Mostly because I know that it may not last long living in Maine so I try to take advantage of it while it's here.  All the snow has melted on the bike path so all my usual running route are now open.  And I saw 5 deer run across the path this morning.  It's nice to not only see other people out exercising, but also to see the wildlife return to their routines.

3.  We have booked our summer vacation!  It reminds me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel!  Any guesses where we're going?  (Hint: It's in the U.S.)  I will be soliciting recommendations for things to do in a future post.  In the meantime, there may be a prize in store if someone guesses correctly. 


  1. Feel like I might be cheating because I saw it on your Facebook page, so I won't spill the beans. But, I can CERTAINLY point you to some of my favorite places in that toddlin' town ;)

  2. yay for an outside run, and double yay for vacation! and NICE job with that weight loss last week : )

  3. I totally went for a run yesterday too- it was too gorgeous out to not!

    I need a few more clues about your summer vacation... but for now I'll guess Denver CO? I have no idea why haha

  4. Hmmm Im going to guess San Fransisco, CA ? totally random haha